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Heard of Roger and what he does through a mutual friend, after a few calls I was hopeful he could do something to bring back my Grandfathers rifle to its former glory.. We met and at first glance seemed to be quiet and unassuming…. Then when I took the rifle out of its case he really lit up!  He explained the entire process in detail and left it with him. Fast forward 2 weeks and I don’t even recognize it!!!

WHAT an transformation!!  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


Ontario Canada


Grandad’s Shotgun was in a state!  Figured I’d give it a shot and sent it to WWR to have it looked at.

My expectations were quite low as none of the shops would even look at it here in Australia.

3 weeks later I received a GEM of a shotgun! WOW!!!  Fully restored and it ACTUALLY WORKS now!!!

So thankful for this legend!!!

Cheers from Western Australia


Western Australia

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Can you send us your heirloom for restoration?


Here’s How…

  1. Get a strong box
  1. Dismantle the firearm. (Separate barrel from stock)
  1. Wrap all pieces six ways from Sunday.

4. Print off a screen shot of your firearms license and registration if its restricted.

NOTE*  If it’s a prohib…. Send a copy of your permit that allows you to possess it.

Send it the best way you can….

DO NOT SEND VIA UPS…. Ever… they lose things and you won’t be insured ….

Ask me how I know…