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My name is Roger,  I am the owner operator Armorer / Gunsmith of Weapons Wizard Restorations.

Fully Licensed and registered nationally.

Based in Standard Alberta, I retired from the Canadian Armed Forces after serving for 33 years and  have multiple deployments behind me …no place nice (10 years in the Infantry and the rest in the Airforce.)

I was a helicopter mechanic for the most part but my specialty is weaponry,

ALL weaponry.

Everything from pistols, machine guns heavy weapons and explosives… and everything in between.

I was an Instructor for most of it.

I was raised in a Military family, mom, dad and brother were all in.

My passion is historical weapons and equipment, and this is my primary focus. Restoring antique/ heirloom weapons. This is not to say that’s ALL I do,  I do general Gunsmithing and light machining as well.

I will happily restore most anything from history, old west artifacts, civil war items WW1, WW2, jeeps, Mortars, artillery pieces, flame throwers and even stretchers.

If it’s got history… ill restore it using the original techniques that were used to create the item (I do use modern techniques as well) and will get it as close to factory spec and or museum quality as possible.

Don’t know if you have something worth restoration?  ASK  (call, text or email) 1-780 919-7489 MST

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