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Welcome to Weapons Wizard Restorations!

Restoring the past to preserve the future

We provide advanced restoration techniques to heirloom firearms, museum artifacts and odditties within the firearms community. Yes, we also do general gunsmithing and machining services as well.

From light maintenance to full blown top quality restorations up to and including bluing of mostly decommissioned WW1 & WW2 weapons and collector pieces. There aren’t too many jobs we can’t handle!

Can you send us your heirloom for restoration?


Here’s How…

  1. Get a strong box
  1. Dismantle the firearm. (Separate barrel from stock)
  1. Wrap all pieces six ways from Sunday.

4. Print off a screen shot of your firearms license and registration if its restricted.

NOTE*  If it’s a prohib…. Send a copy of your permit that allows you to possess it.

Send it the best way you can….

DO NOT SEND VIA UPS…. Ever… they lose things and you won’t be insured ….

Ask me how I know…

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